1. The Plunge – Start off muddy with a murky lake plunge and trudge  2.The Berm – just you, a berm, and a rope  3.  That Doesn’t Smell like Mud - climb over and under “mud” pipes  4. Seamark’s Web – jump and crawl your way through a forest of webs  5. Tread-full Climb - conquer 15 feet of uphill tire climb  6. Over/Under – watch the walls…and the pot holes.  7. Nothin’ but Net – up and over a giant a-frame cargo net  8. Log roll Crossing – run, balance, or crawl across a floating log bridge  9. Log roll 2.0 – try, try again. cuz 1 log bridge isn’t enough.  10 .The Steeplechase – not like the one you see in the Olympics  11. Bear Crawl - stay low, stay muddy  12. Frogger - watch for cars  13. Tender Foot – dance your way across a web of wires  14. Run Forest Run - run through 500 gallons of flowing muddy water  15. Head Games – watch out for low hanging bridges  16. Un-Stable - test your balance on 40 foot beams  17. River of Despair - navigate black creek  18. Shoe Sucker – try to keep your shoes on in this muddy valley  19. Ballerina in Boots – try to be graceful crossing these clay mud pits.  20. Alligator Alley - charge through over 100 yards of waist-deep water  21. Hay Dude - Scale a mountain of hay bales 22. The Wall – risk it alone or boost your friends over an 8 foot wall  23. Stairway to Heaven – straight up the side of a 25 foot muddy hill  24. Rawhide Slide - slippery slope into water pit  25. The Andy Dufresne – a pipe crawl to freedom   26 .Red Carpet Run – smile for the cameras and dash to the finish line


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